Tips for Visitors

Welcome to Coxwood History Fun Park – an outdoor living history museum that recreates life in a quaint nineteenth century rural community. As you listen to the gently swaying apple trees and bleating sheep, allow yourself to be transported back to a simpler time: the time of olden.


Dress for Success

Our roads are gravelly, our footpaths are constructed from planks, and the mud is ubiquitous. Sometimes it rains. In the winter, the air is cold. In the summer, the sun is hot.

To make your visit more enjoyable, we suggest wearing sensible shoes and layers. More specifically, consider closed-toe shoes: the Goblin That Lives Under the Stairs has been known to snatch at passing feet.

adirondack_museum_horses (1)

Come Ready to Chat!

Our costumed interpreters love nothing more than an old-fashioned chin wag! Bring your questions and observations, and get ready to hear amusing yarns of life in days long gone.

If You Smoke On Our Grounds, We Will Find You, and Then No One Will Be Happy

Burning chemical sticks + 165-year-old wooden buildings = NOPE.

Love to Love Learning!

No question is too nerdy, no segue too obscure. Give yourself at least three hours to explore the Park, and don’t be afraid to dig deep into history.

Hasten to the Demonstrations

Our Coxwood staff give entertaining and improving demonstrations of various Victorian trades, including blacksmithing, needlework, groundhog wrangling, and seances. Our demonstration roster changes frequently, so check your weekly calendar on arrival!

And Finally, For Your Safety…

  • Please do not bring raisins, currants, or sultanas into the Park, as they are the food of the Devil.
  • Should you experience palpitations, numbness, light-headedness, nausea, or ringing ears anywhere in the Park, but most particularly in the Doctor’s House, please alert the nearest interpreter and remove yourself from the vicinity as quickly as possible. You may wish to seek medical attention.
  • Please do not climb on the trees or buildings.
  • The third floor corridor is out of bounds.
  • Please refrain from unnecessary running in the Park. However, we will leave you to determine the necessity of your own running.
  • Please do not touch or feed the animals – teeth, hooves, and horns can hurt!
  • Please do not touch or feed the supernatural denizens – teeth, tentacles, and crushingly omnipresent minds can hurt!





2 Responses to Tips for Visitors

  1. Andy Lyke says:

    I’ve looked around your website, and find nowhere that you reveal to me where you are on planet Earth. (I assume that much)


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